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Cityringen Copenhagen

Country Denmark
Client Metroselskabet I/S
Contract type Design & Built

Similar to London's Docklands or HafenCity in Hamburg, the Nordhavn harbor area in Copenhagen is currently taking shape within the framework of an urban development project. With the Cityringen project, the subway network of the Danish capital will be expanded. HOCHTIEF, as part of a joint venture, delivers the connection of the subway ring to Nordhavn. In about four years' time, driverless subways will link Nordhavn with the city center at roughly three-and-a-half-minute intervals—traveling through the two segmentally lined tunnels (approximately 1,800 meters and 1,600 meters long) that are now being drilled through Copenhagen's limestone with an earth pressure balanced (EPB) tunnel boring machine and will have an internal diameter of 4.90 meters. HOCHTIEF's assignment also includes construction of the new Nordhavn subway station which will be connected to the urban railway station of the same name, making it possible for travelers to switch directly between the transportation systems.

The goal: most environmentally friendly subway worldwide

The Danes have set themselves the goal of constructing the world's most environmentally friendly subway. To this, HOCHTIEF makes its contribution. For example, the 3.1 million metric tons of excavation material will be used as fill at Nordhavn for land reclamation for the expanding city of Copenhagen.

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