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Fürst Wrede Military Base

City Munich
Country Germany
Client Federal Ministry of Defense
Contract type PPP
Contract Planning, financing, refurbishment, construction and operation of Fürst Wrede Barracks in Munich, Germany
Capital expenditure EUR 56.7 million
Contract period 20 years (2008-2028)
Shareholders HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions (50 %), BBGI SICAV S.A. (50%)

As a PPP project, the Furst Wrede Military Base in Munich was a premiere in two senses: It was the Federal Republic’s first public building PPP project, and the first PPP defense project in Germany. A modern facility—with long-term prospects—as created for up to 1,600 people. HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions refurbished and partly built the barracks and is operating it for 20 years. A modern facility was returned to the Federal Ministry after the shortest possible period of refurbishment and construction. The work provided includes an optimized energy concept that secures the sustainable and efficient use of energy for the next 20 years. HOCHTIEF is handling all operational requirements so that the Federal Army can focus on its core duties.

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