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Düsseldorf Airport

City Düsseldorf
Country Germany
Client Federal state capital Düsseldorf
Client   Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH
Contract works 1998 - 2001: Central terminal, Pier B, Underground car park, Airport Arkaden, Installation of all M+E systems
Contract works 2001 - 2003: Terminal extension C
Contract works 2009 - 2010: Office building (SIEMENS) at Düsseldorf Airport City
Contract works 2013 - 2015: Administration building of Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH at Düsseldorf Ai:rport City

Since the 1960s, HOCHTIEF has been planning and building airports worldwide and has acquired considerable expertise and competencies in this area through long years of experience.

One example in this connection is Düsseldorf Airport. In 1996, a devastating fire destroyed large parts of the airport which was opened in 1927.

The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia subsequently sold its 50% stake which, since 1997, has been shared by HOCHTIEF AirPort with 30% (since 2013 AviAlliance, and Aer Rianta with 20%.  The remaining 50% continue to be owned by the federal state capital of Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf Airport thus was the first German airport to be partially privatized.

In a public-private partnership, the airport was completely renewed then by the joint venture "airport 2000 plus" comprising HOCHTIEF AirPort, Bilfinger + Berger and Phillip Holzmann. HOCHTIEF had the technical lead. Thanks to optimized planning, flight operations were not restricted during the entire construction works. The "open-heart surgery" succeeded.

HOCHTIEF not only concentrated on airport construction, but above all on reorganizing the airport company into an efficient enterprise.

By means of the numerous conversion and construction measures in the following years, passenger capacity was increased from 16 million to 22 million (2013).

On a former barracks site in direct vicinity of the terminal, a 23-hectare airport-owned business park has been under development since 2003: Düsseldorf Airport City. HOCHTIEF AirPort GmbH was substantially involved in the negotiations and devised the urban development concept for the new Airport City.

In 2009, HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung erected a new office building here, with SIEMENS AG moving in as early as 2010. In 2013, HOCHTIEF Building GmbH secured the contract for construction of the new six-story administration building of Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH which will meet stringent ecological requirements upon completion.

Even though subsidiary HOCHTIEF AirPort was sold in 2013, HOCHTIEF continues to build airports as long years of experience have rooted this competence within the HOCHTIEF Group.

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