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Social and urban infrastructure
Ontario Provincial Police

Ontario Provincial Police • Ontario • Canada

Moers city hall

Moers city hall • Moers • Germany

Wigan Life Centre

Wigan Life Centre • Wigan • United Kingdom

Fürst Wrede Military Base

Fürst Wrede Military Base • Munich • Germany

Braunschweig educational buildings

Braunschweig educational buildings • Braunschweig • Germany

BiKuZ and Schools Frankfurt

BiKuZ and Schools Frankfurt • Frankfurt / Main • Germany

Cork School of Music

Cork School of Music • Cork • Ireland

Dortmund U

Dortmund U • Dortmund • Germany

Five Schools Ireland

Five Schools Ireland • Ireland

Comprehensive School Cologne-Rodenkirchen

Comprehensive School Cologne-Rodenkirchen • Cologne • Germany

Halstenbek High School

Halstenbek High School • Germany

Alberta schools II

Alberta schools II • Canada

Ballet Rehearsal Building

Ballet Rehearsal Building • Düsseldorf • Germany

Special education center Paul-Moor-school

Special education center Paul-Moor-school • Nürnberg • Germany

PPP Project Mauerstrasse Berlin

PPP Project Mauerstrasse Berlin • Berlin • Germany

Heisenberg High School Gladbeck

Heisenberg High School Gladbeck • Gladbeck • Germany

Stanton Territorial Hospital Renewal Project

Stanton Territorial Hospital Renewal Project • Canada

Transportation infrastructure
Northeast Anthony Henday Drive

Northeast Anthony Henday Drive • Edmonton, AB • Canada

Presidio Parkway

Presidio Parkway • San Francisco, CA • USA

Highway A4

Highway A4 • Germany

Highway A1/A6

Highway A1/A6 • Amsterdam • Netherlands

Elefsina-Patras-Tsakona motorway

Elefsina-Patras-Tsakona motorway • Greece

Maliakos-Kleidi motorway

Maliakos-Kleidi motorway • Greece

Herren Tunnel Lübeck

Herren Tunnel Lübeck • Lübeck • Germany

North highway A5

North highway A5 • Austria

San Cristóbal Tunnel

San Cristóbal Tunnel • Santiago de Chile • Chile

Vespucio Norte Express

Vespucio Norte Express • Santiago de Chile • Chile

Highway A7

Highway A7 • Hamburg • Germany

New Champlain Bridge

New Champlain Bridge • Montreal, QC • Canada

Highway A6

Highway A6 • Germany

Automated People Mover (APM), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Automated People Mover (APM), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) • Los Angeles, CA • USA