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grüne mitte Essen, P.West

City Essen
Country Germany

P.West by HOCHTIEF Solutions is part of the grüne mitte Essen project, a large, completely new and intelligently designed development. Situated at the heart of Essen, P.West aims to combine residences, workplaces, and leisure activities in a single location. The HOCHTIEF buildings will include apartments affording between 63 and 184 square meters of space, all with balconies or terraces. The recessed attic story houses spacious penthouse apartments. Compliance with the KfW Efficiency House 70 Standard considerably reduces the project’s primary energy requirements and heating loss. In addition, environmentally friendly district heating provides hot water and creates a pleasant indoor climate.

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Real Estate Solutions
Opernplatz 2
45128 Essen • Deutschland
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HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH
Building NRW
Hamborner Straße 55
40472 Düsseldorf • Deutschland
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