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Gotthard Base Tunnel

Country Suisse
Client AlpTransit Gotthard AG
Construction period total 1999-2016
shell construction of base tunnel 2001-2013
Contract works Shell construction of the Lots „Faido“ and „Bodio“
Contract volume approx. 1,85 bn EUR
HOCHTIEF-Share 25%

The world’s longest railway tunnel was built with the help of HOCHTIEF Solutions: the Gotthard Base Tunnel which connects the Canton of Uri in the north with Ticino in the south and is planned to be opened for passenger and freight trains in 2016. Travel times between Zurich and Milan will be reduced by one hour.

On behalf of AlpTransit Gotthard AG, the tunneling experts of HOCHTIEF together with partners have carried out shell construction for the two southern lots of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. This included boring two single-track tunnels which have a length of a good 27 kilometers each and run parallel to each other with a separation of 40 meters. In addition, connecting tunnels (crosscuts) with a separation of 325 meters each and, at the height of the mountain village of Faido in Ticino, side tunnels and a big multifunction station (MFS) were blasted out of the rock. At MFS Faido, track change systems and emergency stops will be provided for.

During the 12-year construction period, the tunnelers mastered numerous technical, logistic and geological challenges. On the whole, this longest railway tunnel worldwide is an outstanding masterpiece of engineering.

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