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U 4 HafenCity

City Hamburg
Country Germany

The connection between the HafenCity urban development project and downtown Hamburg’s major transportation hubs, subway line U4, has been running since December 2012. HOCHTIEF Solutions was the technical leader of a joint venture that built the subway’s two tunnels, each with a diameter of 5.5 meters. The three-kilometer-long stretch was constructed using the shield tunneling method. We pooled and deployed our full spectrum of expertise in port, marine, civil engineering, and tunnel construction to deliver this transportation infrastructure project in five years. Some 35,000 passengers now use the new line between the HafenCity district and downtown Hamburg every day.

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HOCHTIEF Engineering GmbH
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Alfredstraße 236
45133 Essen • Deutschland
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HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH
Deutschland Nord-Ost
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