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Norra Länken

City Stockholm
Country Suede
Client Trafikverket
Contract type Design and build

In Stockholm, the transportation infrastructure is being revamped to meet growing demands. This includes Norra Länken, the Swedish capital’s northern bypass, part of the ring highway system, which is slated to open for traffic at the end of 2015. HOCHTIEF Solutions’experts possess all the know-how this demanding project requires and are responsible for three packages of work. Challenges include the extremely hard ground, the high density of construction sites, the heavy traffic, and the logistics involved in working in a densely built-up city that stretches across 14 islands. The HOCHTIEF contracts comprise the construction of two tunnels, each 1.2 kilometers long and two lanes wide; a section of road about one kilometer long, including ramps and turnoffs; and the construction of a new bridge with three lanes in each direction, including cycle and pedestrian paths plus an optional tram lane.

In addition to optimizing the cut-and-cover sections by means of value engineering, the experts of HOCHTIEF Engineering developed innovative design solutions. For the inner lining of the two tunnel tubes, a new solution using new construction materials was applied.

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