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For over 140 years construction has been HOCHTIEF’s core business. HOCHTIEF Solutions AG bundles the group’s European business, and it is also active in selected non-European markets. Our service spectrum encompasses classic shell construction and high-end building construction, as well as complex infrastructural projects. We also have one of the construction industry’s biggest engineering firms.

Backed by the solidity of an international construction group, we finance, develop and build public-private partnership projects, and we plan and build transportation and energy projects, as well as social and urban infrastructure.

Our PPP Solutions, Infrastructure, and Engineering units—each of which operate as stand-alone limited companies—are the cornerstones of the European group division.

At regional level, our branches optimally combine all the traditional advantages that Germany’s powerful, medium-sized business sector has to offer with the service spectrum of a construction group with international experience. This means we are close to and flexible in the market, and our clients can count on our reliability. Technical know-how and quality, occupational safety, adherence to deadlines and cost effectiveness are the hallmarks of our construction sites.

There is huge demand worldwide to change, refurbish or upgrade transportation routes and energy production. HOCHTIEF Solutions also sees great potential with regard to social infrastructure—schools, hospitals, offices or housing. Demographic change continues apace, while the demands of a sustainably-designed environment are increasing. What can we build for you?

HOCHTIEF Building bundles building construction in Germany. It has as presence in the regional markets through its branches in the major metropolises of Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich, as well as in cities such as Hanover or Erfurt. Intense cooperation and dialog take place continuously between the branches, to better tap into existing expertise and know-how for the benefit of our clients. The branches are supported by our Technical Office Building, a center of competence for innovative solutions in building construction, especially in building planning, structural engineering and building technology. Regardless of whether you ask us for a shell construction, an industrial facility or a turnkey building—HOCHTIEF Building will provide you with just the right service packages.

Apart from its units in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich, HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH is active elsewhere in Europe: in the UK, Scandinavia, Poland, Czech Republic, and Austria. Just as in Germany, each national unit covers the entire service spectrum in the area of transport and energy infrastructure.

HOCHTIEF Infrastructure’s Technical Competence Center is staffed with experts who possess specialist know-how in all segments of infrastructure and structural engineering. They interact closely with the operating units in the respective regions. Where required, they will assemble cross-branch project teams, thus bringing their expertise and experience to bear on extremely complex local projects.

HOCHTIEF bundles its expertise in the areas of planning, technical consultancy, design management and virtual construction/Building Information Modeling in HOCHTIEF Engineering GmbH. Its consistent market alignment is reflected in the business lines of Transport Infrastructure, Energy Infrastructure and Building that are now present in the market with an enhanced sales structure and new business ideas. It is not only HOCHTIEF that is assisted by the HOCHTIEF Engineering units and their highly-qualified employees: More than half the volume of the services provided by the 500+ workforce is to clients outside the HOCHTIEF Group. The company’s service spectrum includes services in the areas of construction process management and project steering, construction elements materials, and Virtual Design and Construction.

The optimal integration of financing, planning, building and operation is part of HOCHTIEF’s core business. For public-private partnerships (PPP), these services are delivered by HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions GmbH. PPP Solutions provides its public-sector partners with integrated, intelligent and innovative solutions for PPP projects in the areas of roads and social infrastructure, as well as other PPP projects. By providing financing, planning, building and operation from a single source, HOCHTIEF Solutions achieves significant and lasting quality advantages for the users of infrastructure operated under HOCHTIEF’s management, as well as important efficiency benefits for our public-sector partners

Our subsidiary synexs offers facility management on the basis of client-oriented, digital data management with a strong link to Building Information Modeling (BIM). Innovative technical processes enable us to actively control properties. The service spectrum covers the entire life cycle of infrastructure, buildings and technical facilities—from design through to sale/dismantling. In all phases, synexs delivers services in an advisory, monitoring or operational capacity.

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